Gifts from the Healing Earth: Volume 2

In Gifts from the Healing Earth: Volume 2 Ellen Hopman leads a group of holistic nurses on an herbal walk and a discussion of the medicinal uses of various species they find growing in a New England forest: elderberry, jewel weed, plantain, staghorn sumac, sweet fern, choke cherry, pine, oak, milkweed, yarrow, wild carrot , black berry, raspberry and red clover. She also teaches the nurses how to identify poison hemlock and poison ivy and prepares a poison ivy remedy.

The walk includes information on the Doctrine of Signatures, Chinese Five Element Theory and many recipes for traditional herbal remedies, including salves, poultices, tinctures and tonics.

Interwoven with the herbal walk is a discussion group in which Ellen and nurses explore "energy work", such as guided imagery, TherapeuticTouch, Healing Touch, and Reiki, and how these alternate or complementary techniques along with herbalism are making inroads into the practice of health care around the world.

Healing Touch and Reiki are demonstrated with several patients. Wherever possible, information is given to viewers on where they can find out more about the subjects introduced. The nurses feel that these offer the patient complementary forms of caring that augment allopathic care and provide healing as something separate and distinct from curing.


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Length: 90 minutes (DVD)

A Field Guide to Herbalism and energy work for nurses with Ellen Evert Hopman Master Herbalist**

With nurses: Joanne Caloon, RN, Denise Conboy, RN, Jody Fishkind, RN, HNC; Donna Fleming, RN,. Deborah Gingras, MS, RN,CNS,

Music by Christopher LaFond on the Celtic harp

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