Choreography of the Hands:
The Work of Dorothy Taubman
"One of the world's leading experts on the
movement of the fingers, hands and arms."

A documentary describing the work of renowned piano teacher Dorothy Taubman, famous for her techniques in rehabilitating musicians with hand and arm injuries. "Choreography of the Hands" has been used for many years by the Taubman Institute of Piano to introduce students to Taubman's work.  Purchased by hundreds of pianists, "Choreography" has also been acquired by music libraries and schools of music around the world.

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"No serious musician interested in the essential relationship between physical and artistic elements in performance can afford to ignore Dorothy Taubman's illuminating and revolutionary discoveries."  -- Peter Takacs, Oberlin College Conservatory of Music


"Producer-director Ernest Urvater is to be congratulated for this fine documentary providing an introduction to the far-reaching work of Dorothy Taubman." Clavier Magazine

"...a delight, a challenge, and an important example of the best use of video technology to capture music in the making and great teaching in action." Piano Quarterly

"You made a great contribution with this video. It is an important historical document of the work, and Dorothy's genius." Edna Golansky


Choreography of the Hands
Length: 52 minutes
ISBN = 1-930477-03-1

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