Gifts from the Healing Earth - Volume I - English

Ellen Evert Hopman, Master Herbalist and author of Tree Medicine/Tree Magic; A Druid's Herbal; and A Children's Herbal; as well as People of the Earth, leads us on a magical walk through a New England forest in Spring, gathering ingredients for her herbal tour de force.

We are then treated to a delightful demonstration of herbal preparation techniques in Ellen's kitchen. The program ends with a fascinating interview in which she describes her extraordinary journey to herbalism.

Formulas & Recipes in Volume 1

1 Herbal Salve
2 Birch Beer
3 Heart Wine
4 Lavender Wine
5 Dandelion Salad
6 Arabic Gum Powder
7 Vegetable Tonic
8 Comfrey Poultice
9 Cedar Smudgestick




Becca Harbor writes

"I recommend this excellent video to people of different levels of herbal understanding, as Ellen clearly demonstrates how to make a nice variety of herbal goodies bound to vary from the usual repertoire of each herb-lover. I enjoyed the historic recipes Hildegard and Avicenna and some of Ellen’s Favorites, like her skin salve and how to store comfrey poultices. I appreciate Ellen’s relaxed being-herselfness and her emphasis on how there usually isn’t one correct way to combine herbs and the importance of finding what suits the individual. This presentation is refreshingly free of dogma and biases"

Tami Biggs, The Herb Network Vol. 4 Issue 4 Autumn 1999

"This video is the answer to the problem of no time for classes! Master Herbalist Ellen Evert Hopman invites us into her home and garden to harvest and create many fresh herb recipes. There is just something special about watching a master do her work! The ease of the process, the wisdom of information, the clear direction. This is better than books if you're not sure what you're doing! And with the video, the lesson can be re-watched time and again."

"If you happen to live in New England, you can enjoy Ellen Evret Hopman’s classes in person. If you are anywhere else, get this video. I’m making several of the items on the video for holiday gifts for family and friends. I don’t have to worry if I’m doing it right, Ellen has shown me how!"

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Gifts from the Healing Earth - Volume I

Length: 70 minutes (DVD)
ISBN = 1-930477-06-6

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