Our Approach, Our Clients and How We Work

Perhaps you are thinking about creating a fund-raising or recruitment videotape for an academic institution or a foundation. Maybe you need an instructional program, or a documentary, that explicates an intricate and complicated process, or describes the important work of an individual; or a promotional vehicle describing the unique character of a service or a product.

Whatever the mission, you want something unique and creative, effective and cost-effective. You are hoping for more than the usual high technology video bells and whistles.

SRP has spent its entire professional life producing television for intelligent audiences. We have created programs in the sciences and technology, the social sciences, the arts, medical education, health care, and environmental education.  Since SRP's productions have been on so many different topics and covered such a variety of fields, it has never developed a template, others would call it a rut, that it falls into over and over again.  Each of its productions is new and original. 

Long before production begins, we begin by consulting extensively with you and your staff, integrating their experiences with ours to define and refine basic questions:

1. What is the goal of your production?

2. What is the profile of your audience?

3. How will the television materials actually be used within the overall campaigns or programs of which it is a part?

4. Which television formats and what level of production values are appropriate for achieving the goals of your project, considering the constraints imposed by available resources?

5. Does your institution or organization need other television materials which could be created within the context of the current production. Would "piggy-backing" make your project more cost-effective?

6. Are there other strategies that might offer unique opportunities to meet, or even exceed, your goals? Are there opportunities to create television materials that have a life of their own?

SRP believes that the ingredients for exciting television exist in almost any setting. The secret of effective television production is to find that excitement, capture it, and then transmit it intelligently.

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Partial List of Clients

Amherst College

Baystate Health Systems, Springfield, MA

Beth Israel Hospital Video Production Center

Boss International

Boston Medical Television

Columbia College, Chicago, Film and Video Department

Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, MA

Dorothy Taubman Institute of Piano

Emily Dickinson

Gill-Montague School District

Holland-American Cruise Lines

Baptist Church; Springfield, MA

Lincoln Center NYC Dance Collection

Massachusetts Department of Education,
Vocational Gender Equity Center

Mexican Television

Mount Holyoke College Art Museum

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

Science Television

Smith College School of Social Work

Society of Friends, New York City


University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Young Audiences

Thomas Cole
View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts,
after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow