Pagans: The Wheel of the Sacred Year

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from "Hypatia's Hoard"
PagaNet News
Midwinter 1999
By Elizabeth Barrette

"Are you tired of watching movies and TV shows that malign Pagans, distort the facts, or sensationalize our customs? Try this instead.  The video begins with some stunning computer-generated imagery of Stonehenge, which separates the segments while providing a nice unifying theme. Pagans is organized around the eight high holy days, beginning with Yule; it covers each sabbat's meaning, themes, preparation, ritual, and other activities. Several different traditions appear over the course of the video including Celtic, Scandinavian, and English. Some highlights include Morris dancing at Beltane, egg decoration at the spring equinox, and the feast of the dead at Samhain. All activities take place within a 100-mile radius of Amherst, Massachusetts and feature local Pagans "Pagans has a wide range of possible applications. It is an unparalleled teaching tool, both for novice Pagans and for curious onlookers, making it a valuable addition to any coven or organization library.   Donating a copy to your local library would be good, too. Activists who do public speaking may use it to add a multimedia element to their presentations. This video is sufficiently low-key to be a good introduction to the Old Ways for friends and family of   Pagans. It would also make a lovely Midwinter gift. Most highly recommended "

The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans

"I think that this video is honest, down to earth and unique. I haven't seen anything that compares to it. It contains, in my opinion, quality educational material. There is no nudity which makes it ideal for our under 17 viewers. It would make a great contribution as a resource for any working or educational group. I think it could be used in conjunction with the books People of The Earth - The New Pagans Speak Out (by Ellen Evert Hopman) and The Spiral Dance (by Starhawk) as companion volumes or supplementary texts, as good curriculum tools in educating people about the diversity of Paganism. Finally I want to say that I hope this video will inspire other traditions not represented within its context to create more videos of their traditions so that we together can archive the complete picture for our future generations."

Pagans: The Wheel of the Sacred Year
Length:  65 minutes
ISBN = 1-930477-00-7

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