The Jacob's Ladders Trail

With funds provided by the U. S. Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Highway Department, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission chose Sawmill River Productions to create a 45-minute educational program on the "Jacob's Ladder Trail," a 34-mile long corridor astride Route 20 in Western Massachusetts stretching from Lee at its Western end, to Russell at its Eastern end. 

The Jacob's Ladder is a hidden treasure, both historically and scenically, and is aptly named "The first of the great mountain crossovers."  That's because in 1840 the first railroad in the United States to be built over a mountain range crossed the Berkshire Hills through the Jacob's Ladder Corridor, and in 1910 the first road built specifically for automobiles to cross a mountain range did so through the Jacob's Ladder. With a past that goes back deep into our colonial heritage, the Jacob's Ladder, its people and its history, are what this videotape is about.



The Jacob's Ladder Trail
Length: 45 minutes
ISBN = 1-930477-01-5

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